Hot Stone Therapy Massage


Aromatherapy Massage 90 mins £40.00

This treatment involves a 30min consultation using reflexology analysis to create your personal blend of essential oils, a skin patch test to ensure zero reaction (min 24hr) prior to the ultimate full body massage and soothing face mask (30mins consultation + 60mins Massage)

Crystal Therapy 60 mins £35.00

An ancient healing art that promotes balance, relaxation and rejuvenation with the use of gems and crystals. Thus re-energizing and rebalancing the chakras

Hot Stone Therapy Massage 120 mins £40.00

A deeply relaxing full body treatment that uses warm, smooth volcanic rocks. The ultimate stress and tension reliever, sheer indulgence!

Indian Head Massage 30 mins £17.00

Used to relieve stress and tension headaches. Massage Inc back, neck, shoulders, scalp, face and neck. Performed without the need to undress or use oils

Full Body Massage 60 mins £30.00
Back Massage 30 mins £17.00
Back Massage incorporating Hot Stones 45 mins £22.00
Foot Massage 30 mins £15.00
Reflexology 60 mins £30.00

An ancient deeply relaxing therapy using thumb pressure applied to the feet clearing energy channels therefore restoring the body into perfect balance

Reiki 60 mins £30.00

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words. Rei which means "Gods wisdom or higher power" & Ki which is "Life force energy". A natural healing which can help to ease pain and balance the body's own energy's