Semi Permanent Eyelashes




Semi permanent extensions are perfect for all ages. Whether you're wanting thicker or longer lashes or if you want a spectacular twinkle for that special occasion, these lash extensions will make you feel more beautiful as you will look refreshed,awake, and more glamourous. 

The lashes that we use are synthetic and are manufactured to the highest specification for a natural look and feel and also to work in harmony with the natural lash, you could say that the lashes are the main product whilst this is what you can see most, but it is actually the high quality adhesive that is the most important. Without the right adhesive you are risking to create uneven bonds that do not last so that the lashes are lost prematurley but the ingredients in such a strong glue are most important as we do not want to cause the client harm or sore eyes with strong fumes.
We therefore use a CE certified adhesive that has been specially formulated by a group of eye lash manufacturers for exactly this purpose.
You can trust our glue to be the best and safest for eye lash extensions. For the same reason we use a CE certified debonder to keep our clients safe.
Please note that we advise a skin patch test to determine which adhesive is most suitable to you.

We offer our lashes in various thicknesses and lengths to enable us to “match” the extensions exactly to our clients requirements and
thus create an absolute natural or glamorous look.

Full On, Full Set 'Glam Me' Lashes 120 mins £60.00
'Tease Me' Flirty Set Lashes 60 mins £30.00
2 Week Maintainance 30 mins £17.00
3 Week Maintainance 60 mins £25.00
4 Week Maintainance 90 mins £35.00
Removal Of Lashes 30 mins £20.00

Please note that a skin patch test is required prior to all eye treatments

Eyelash Tint 20 mins £7.50
Eyebrow Tint 15 mins £5.00
Lash & Brow Tint 30 mins £11.00